We Are Advancing the Circular Economy

EcoNation is a leading recycled PET flake supplier. We are on a mission to tackle the world’s plastic pollution problem by driving ethical plastic collection, recycling, and reprocessing.

We collect food grade plastic from a variety of sources, including beaches, landfills, and recycling centers. We then recycle and reprocess this plastic into high-quality food grade hot washed PET flakes.

By recycling plastic, we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans. We are also helping to conserve energy and natural resources.


To engage the global waste challenge by consistently delivering ethically recycled high value.


To be a globally recognized and respected player in the circular economy.

Core Values

  • Safety: We encourage our staff to be protected from danger, risk and injury
  • Customer Focus: Our operations are built around our customers.
  • Respect for individual: We have due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others.
  • Reliability: We are consistent in delivering quality.
  • Ethical: We will be upright in all its dealings.
  • Idea Meritocracy: We would recognize, and value superior logic presented by anyone in the organization regardless of their role or cadre.
  • Resilience: Staff are built to withstand any difficulty that arises

About Us